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I live in a coastal rainforest region. We had a dry summer this year, and water rationing including anti-sprinkling bans, which is really unusual.

It started raining pretty heavily this week, which is great. It got a little out of hand, though. Its a reminder of that old cliche, it never rains, but it pours…

But here’s what I find amazingly stupid. We’ve had something like 6 inches (around 15 centimetres) of rain this week. And twice I’ve driven past a local strip mall in heavy downpours, only to find that their sprinkler system was running.

Yep, we don’t have a water shortage any more, but we *do* have water pouring off the grass in sheets, and the morons at this strip mall haven’t figured out that maybe they should turn off their automatic sprinklers…. What a world.

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