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Almost one for the Darwin Awards…

There are people out there who really renew my faith in Darwinism. People who forcefully and surgically remove themselves from the gene pool through their own basic ignorance, stupidity, or plain bad judgement.


Normally, though, these people are somewhere “far, far away”. Today, however, I came across an article in the paper edition of our little local paper (the Now newspaper).


It seems a fellow really, really wanted some copper wire…

So much so, in fact, that he broke into a CN Rail Yard, snuck stealthily about, and then grabbed onto his prey with a viper’s grip. Unfortunately, the bare copper wire he grabbed was attached to a running generator…and was carrying over 27,000 volts at several amps at the time.

The resulting blast blew his boots off, and inflicted second degree burns to over 50% of his body. He was arrested without incident.

 Here’s a scan of the report…

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