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My Linux server, the system that this website and several others run on, is hot. I don’t mean that its a really high performance computer (although its not bad): I mean its several degrees too warm.

In my quest to reduce the temperature, I’ve performed some jury-rigged cooling modifications. With a few hours of work, I’ve managed to reduce the CPU temperature on the two processors by about 4 degrees…hardly seems worth it. And to get even that far, I had to study cooling technique and strategy. I have decided I need another fan: that makes seven in this case so far: two processor fans, two graphics card fans, two power supply fans, and a general inflow fan. The next one will be a blowhole (outflow) in the top of the case.

In related overheating news, I burned my left hand badly today in the kitchen. Just one of those stupid household accidents that you look back on and say “what kind of moron am I?” Apparently, I’m the kind of moron who burns his hand on a pot…

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