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The Neverending construction…

About a year ago, I started preparing a room in our house for my pool table. I don’t own a pool table, but in my mind I’ve had one for years. I don’t even play pool very well, but its one of those “things” that has been nagging at me since I was a kid.

So, as I was saying, I started working on this room….

My nephew Shane came over to help. I had to knock down a closet in the room I was planning on using in order to get something like the minimum 15′ x 15′ space you need for a 4’x8′ pool table. Anway, we did a really professional job. We even used a rental truck to haul the debris to the dump. I was really careful…

Anyway, after that experience, I left the room alone for a while. I call this “aging”. Its an important part of ever complex project. But finally I started calling contractors. Electrical to get the light fixtures changed. Drywall and plasterer to patch some holes left by the electrician. Feng Shui specialist to study the cosmic implications. It was all very thorough.

After they were all done, Irene and I did the easy part- the painting. LIE! Painting isn’t easy. I’m still sore and its been three days since I finished. I think the paint manufacturers hire people to go around repeating the cruel rumour that painting is something anyone can do.

The end result isn’t too bad.

There is still a bunch of touching up to do, and I’m still of the opinion that the carpet needs to be replaced. But I believe its time to initiate another Aging phase in this project. Quality is everything…

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